Electric Showers

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Electric Showers

Electric showers do not use hot water, and instead take only cold water from the mains water supply. When you turn on the shower, water is passed over a heating element to deliver a shower at your preferred flow rate and temperature. 

  • Multiple Entry Electric Showers

    Multiple Entry Electric Showers

    Creda’s electric shower range is renowned for its Designer, Family and Day to Day styling, as well as its multiple entry electric showers which are specifically designed for the replacement market. Multiple entry electric showers allow for water pipe and wiring access from nearly all directions: top left or top right, middle left or middle right and bottom left or bottom right, offering six entry points for maximum flexibility when planning and installing.

  • Designer & Luxury Showers

    Designer & Luxury Showers

    If you want to stay ahead in the style stakes the Designer range is for you. With chrome styling, chic designs and the latest features you can't get any better. The Designer shower range is a highly modern range of contemporary electric showers. The range builds on the philosophy that good design is about both form and function. Creda showers leads the way through technological innovation and stylish design, allowing you to style or refresh your bathroom in your own unique way.

  • Family Showering Range

    Family Showering Range

    When it comes to safe showering for all the family, look no further than our Family range. Smart modern looks, great performance and reassuring safety features make this range the perfect choice for the family bathroom. Whether it's revival at the end of a busy day or a wake up call in the morning, our family range concentrates on safety, style and simplicity. The stylish and easy-to-use designs are built around Creda's tried and trusted technologies, offering the very best showering performance. So whether you have a traditional home or a modern apartment, the family range has a shower to suit you.

  • Day to Day Showering Range

    Day to Day Showering Range

    For get up and go showering, it's difficult to beat our Day to Day range. Boasting good performance, ergonomic lines and outstanding value, the range offers effective efficient showering.

    When it comes to value and style, our 'day to day' range is renowned for reliabiolity and good looks.

    Built on a foundation of affordable design and performance, the 'day to day' range offers an outstanding choice of styles and features to suit your budget.

    So when it comes to choosing your next electric shower, look no further than the 'day to day' range for quality and reliability at an attractive price.

  • 8.5kw Showers


  • 9.5kw Showers


  • 10.5kw Showers


The Creda Electric Shower Range 

Showering on Demand with a Creda Electric Shower 

You do not need a stored hot water supply for an electric shower as it is completely independent from the hot water system in your home. The electric shower heats up the water as it travels through the system by means of an electric element, meaning that only the water that is required is actually heated.  The water enters the shower unit cold and is heated instantaneously as it passes over the element, thus ensuring that you can have a relaxing warm shower at any time of the day. A Creda electric shower is the perfect solution in households with a large family as they are very economical and provide hot water instantly.

Electric showers by nature eradicate the necessity to heat unwanted water, helping you to save a great deal of money throughout the year on household bills. Paying to heat up water that doesn’t get used is extremely wasteful. The Creda range of electric showers utilise the very latest cutting edge technology to ensure that you get maximum reliability and the most cost effective showering solutions on the market.

Come Home to a Creda Electric Shower

For a cost effective, modern and tried and trusted electric shower, you can’t go wrong with a Creda. Nothing beats the feeling of stepping under a Creda electric shower.

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